Listening to Manitoba’s Indigenous Communities

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Daniels Decision and the Federal Political Accord: Why They Matter to Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba

“A just society is not just for some of us and not for others; it has to be for everyone.”  ~ Harry Daniels The …

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Steady Employment, Great Salaries and Meaningful Work: Meet the Skilled Trades

Improving education and employment opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba – and closing the socioeconomic gap between Indigenous Peoples and non-Indigenous Canadians – is …

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Add your voice to our growing collective protecting and preserving the rights and diverse cultures of Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba.

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The Indigenous Peoples Alliance of Manitoba, IPAM, is a collective voice broadly representing, preserving and promoting the heritage, culture, language and rights of all Indigenous Peoples in Manitoba. We work together to inclusively and respectfully represent the interests of all Métis, First Nation, Inuit, and Non-Status or Off-Reserve Peoples who identify as Indigenous in urban, rural and remote areas of the province.

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To inclusively and respectfully represent, preserve and promote the heritage, culture, language and rights of all status and non-status Indigenous Peoples in all regions of Manitoba with broad political, social and economic action.


A new narrative of Indigenous rights and culture in Canada driven by broad, inclusive representation and a strong tradition of handing down the proud cultures and knowledge of all Indigenous Peoples to future generations.